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The National Lottery.


Tuesday 15/04/14 Euro Millions Draw.

                                              L/Stars 01/07   
                          Results Last Week...Nothing.
Wednesday 16/04/14  National Lottery.
                                    Raffle....Gold 2360 8727    
                                              Navy 1127 4737
                                              Rose 3470 0239
                          Results last Week...2 line's with 0 No's.
                                              1 line with 1 No.
Friday 18/04/14 Euro Millions Draw.
                                              L/Stars 03/08
                                    Raffle RCM969550
                          Results last week...Nothing.
Saturday 19/04/14 National Lottery.
                                    Raffle....Ruby 7423 5154
                                              Lime 6188 1709
                                              Grey 3593 6232
                                              Ruby 2237 0140
                           Results Last Week..3 line's with 0 No's.
                                              1 line with 1 No.

The National Lottery Web Site.


Wednesday 16/04/14 National Health Lottery.

                                     Results Last week...Nothing.
                     Free ticket.....09/25/26/27/43                    
Saturday 19/04/14 National Health Lottery.

Results last week...2 No's.
                                               ( free ticket ). 
NB....Match two numbers gives a free ticket till 30/04/14. 

The Web Site of the Health Lottery.

Details of current winnings, state of your payments etc are available from me by either phone or text.
There will be regular e-mails.
We have decided to carry on with the syndicate , pay the same weeky amount, but reduce the number
of lines, if anyone has pre-set numbers it is possible to add them into the syndicate.

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